Happy Souls…

Very much happy and honored to share my poetry which has been published in the journal ‘The Finest Example’. A big thank you to the journal for this opportunity.
Hope you all enjoy it. Cheers!

The Finest Example Of...

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I met a stranger on the road, the road that reads “lonely souls”.

The mind gave me a thousand reasons why, not to pay him heed and simply pass him by.

Yet the heart reached out and so the words, made him stop and started to converse.

Walking , talking we both were lost, in voicing everything inside that was locked.

The baggage that we carried was dumped, the unnecessary, suffocating shield was crushed.

After some time the road got diverged, we were surprised as this was unheard.

The road is straight was what we knew, and so we found that it was untrue. Having no choice we had to choose a lane, we both chose different and thus parted ways.

I left a stranger on the road, the road that reads “Happy Souls”.

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