I and EYE

When I diean eye keeps me alivein once a darkened worlda beacon of lightWhen I dieI burn before your sightBut no, I shinein his eyes with delightAn eye for an eyemakes the whole world blindbut an eye when I diemakes the whole world mine Hey fellas! So, I wrote this a few days back for … Continue reading I and EYE

In The Playground

Some things around goes roundabout like the ‘Merry-go-round’ some of you love it some of you cuss it me? chuck it! Some things around comes sliding down like the ‘Slide’ some of you depress some of you regret me? start from the scratch Spare me the horrors when the things like ‘Swings’ goes around I … Continue reading In The Playground

Dreamy Dance

My dreams dancingbefore my lidsSome pirouettingwhile others dipDonning rainbow tutusand masquerade maskConcealed from worldShush! Don’t ask This was inspired by the Twenty Words Tuesday hosted by my dearest Bulbul's Bubble. Do check out the event and her blog for some really amazing stuff and join in. Thanks BB for this week's prompt- Dreams. I am … Continue reading Dreamy Dance

Three lines tale #3: Tunes of Fate

Image courtesy: Calum MacAuley People were oblivious to the happenings taking place that day on the ship. The wind carried the sighs that escaped my lips to his awaiting fingers, they morphed it into a symphony that ringed in my ears and seeped right into my very core, not only soothing but electrifying my soul at … Continue reading Three lines tale #3: Tunes of Fate